CD Gray & Associates celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year.

  7 March 2016    

25th Anniversary

Rather than spending a fortune on celebrations, (although there may be the odd one), the company has decided to try and raise £10,000 towards the cost of providing a new (second hand) bus for a school in Botswana.
Chris Gray, Managing Director, visited the school in Mabele, Northern Botswana, last October and was moved by the sight of Primary School children having to walk 4-5 miles ( and even further in some cases) to and from school each day in temperatures of up to 42 deg C in areas frequented by wild animals.
The local government provides the children with milk and a bread roll each day, the parents are obliged to dress the children tidily, and the nearby Safari lodge provides the school with additional books, pens etc. The lodge also helped with the construction of an orphanage recently.
The school has approx. 175 pupils of primary school age from a very wide catchment. Many years ago a private donation was made of a 20-25 seater school bus which was used to collect the children who were furthest away. The bus is now in a very sorry state, the front axle has gone and is beyond repair, as is the whole bus.

The headmaster has made an appeal, as per the attached letter, for help with raising funds for a new bus. The government has no funds to help further but the nearby safari lodge has agreed to help us with procurement and ongoing maintenance.
The target of £10,000 is the sum needed to secure a robust, second-hand, easily maintainable 20-25 seater that can be shipped over from the UK. Ideally it will be filled with fans to make the temperatures in the class rooms more tolerable.
The company has set up a Just Giving web site into which all donations will be gratefully received

Click HERE to view the letter from the School.